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The Artisan
Hand Engraving is the art of carving decorative designs or lettering into precious and semi precious metal. Small chisel like tools are used and are worked manually by the artisan. Engraving has been used throughout the ages to personalize jewelry, accessories, firearms and the master plates for banknotes.

Most commercial engraving is done by machines or lasers today, but the art of hand engraving is alive and well because no matter how good technology is, there are still things that a machine cannot do.


Peter Cook

Lovers and connoisseurs of fine art appreciate unique pieces and search to find that special person who they embrace as their personal trade smith.

The Engraver
Hello, my name is Peter Cook, I grew up in Sussex, England. After leaving school I began a five year apprenticeship with an engraving company in London's Hatton Garden which I completed with indenture papers in 1970.

In 1972 I emigrated to Canada and spent the next five years working as the Master Engraver for a jewelery design company.

I started my own business in 1977 and apart from a two year break to explore firearms engraving I have been serving the Canadian Jewelery trade ever since.I have been commissioned to engrave pieces for CEO's and executives of large corporations, artists, actors, musicians, politicians and even a Prince! But for all the prestige and name dropping, I happily serve Mr. & Mrs. Joe Public as well.

Each piece that is worked on, is special & unique to the client which makes the work always fascinating and challenging. I have had the privilege of collaborating with some very talented artisans in the Jewelery trade to create some wonderful one of a kind pieces.

The Heraldry
My specialty is Family crests and coat of arms, seals, wedding band design patterns and pendants of portraits of family or pets, cartoon characters, company logos and symbols. I would be happy to give a quote on that something special you would like done.

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